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CABRERA PRODUCTIONS LLC develops, produces and distributes books, movies, TV, internet and theater.

We acknowledge that the script is the foundation of all projects, and the writer the head architect. Having written a number of quality scripts, and coming from a television and theater directing background, Vic Cabrera created Cabrera Productions LLC to produce and distribute his writings.

Our latest release, MY CUBAN STORY – Funny Memories from Serious Times, on paperback, Kindle, and Audio Book/Radio Drama recounts Vic's family's passage to New York and the difficult, and at the same time funny, assimilation in Hoboken, New Jersey. Also available at MyCubanStory.com is the Music Soundtrack by Esteban Adame.

CABRERA PRODUCTIONS LLC has also produced THE BIG DEAL, a feature romantic comedy written, produced and directed by Vic Cabrera.

ComedyWebChannel.com is the distribution center for our products and home of the web comedies Comic-toons.

In addition to a number of projects in different stages of development, we are starting to work, and consult, with outside writers and producers.

To see more of our development slate, check out our Projects page.

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